PrepaidGiftBalance Login ❤️ Check Visa or MasterCard Balance

PrepaidGiftBalance is almost identical to Credit Cards and Prepaid Gift Balance is a great gift to give to your loved ones. It has become easier to pay as you go via cards from You can purchase and pay to any shop across the United States of America.

PrepaidGiftBalance is a great website to monitor funds for the people counting on their penny. Some Prepaid Gift Balance cards also provide zero cost online bill pay, which can save customers money, this is as per Consumer Union. Also, if you collect some credits these cards offer some rewards program for shopping. PrepaidGiftBalance cards are utmost handy and easy to use. The stress and burden of carrying money in cash can be reduced to a great extent.

Also, the high level of encryption makes them secure which also protects your personal data. You can easily activate the PrepaidGiftBalance card by visiting the official website. or Support

Login Procedure at

  • Visit the official website
  • Now tap the “Login” option provided on the top right side of the screen
  • This window is in two parts. One for existing users, and another one for the new users.
  • Let us assume that you are a new user. Hover to the screen for the new window, and tap the “Sign Up” option.
  • Input the details from your card
  • After submitting details, tap the “Submit” option
  • Above steps completes the Sign-Up procedure for PrepaidGiftBalance
  • Now, you will be redirected to Login Page
  • Once you Login to your account, you can check your Prepaid Gift Balance along with the transaction history.

How to activate the PrepaidGiftBalance card?

  • Open your favourite web browser. Google Chrome is recommended
  • Visit the official Prepaid Gift Balance at
  • Tap “Activate Card”. A “Create Account” form will be displayed
  • Enter the prepaid card number and other required details
  • Enter the account number and “CVV” number to proceed
  • After submitting your personal information, tap the “Submit” button. This completes your PrepaidGiftBalance Visa card registration procedure
  • Now, your Prepaid Gift Balance Master Card is ready to use

What are the types of PrepaidGiftBalance card?

There are two types of PrepaidGiftBalance card:

  1. PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card
  2. Prepaid Gift Balance Master Card

There is not much difference between these two cards. These cards can be obtained by legal residents of the United States by sending their application to the United States National Association. Though card providers are different the features and utilization are almost similar.

These cards serve as a fantastic alternative to debit and credit cards. These cards come up with great security. PrepaidGiftBalance is almost similar to Credit Cards. These cards cannot be used at ATMs for money transactions.

All the legal residents of the United States can get a PrepaidGiftBalance card just by applying to the United States National Association. However, please note that these cards cannot be used outside the USA.

You can select any one of the two or a combination of both to enjoy the Prepaid Gift Balance benefits. The features and utilisation of these two cards are almost identical. It’s just that, the supplier of this card differs.

Official NamePrepaidGiftBalance
CountryUnited States

How do I add money to my PrepaidGiftBalance Card?

There are several ways to add money. Have a look at some of them:

  • Look for a paycheck or other regular payment directly transferred in the card
  • You can transfer money from a checking account or another PrepaidGiftBalance card
  • You can opt to “Reload Pack” to add a specific amount in your card
  • Also, it is possible to add some amount at certain retail locations or any other financial institutions that supply the cards
  • It is possible, that you may be charged some amount of money for transfer by a specific method. While choosing a PrepaidGiftBalance card, it is necessary to think about your needs and the reload procedure on your card

These cards have two variations. Users can pick any one of them or a combination of both.

Methods to add money: It is possible to add money to the prepaid card in several ways. You may be able to:

  • Arrange a pay-check or other regular payment to be directly deposited onto the card
  • Try money transaction from the Testing account
  • You can purchase a “reload pack” also
  • Input funds from some retailers or financial institutions
  • Please note that some fees may be charged if you try to add money in some specified ways. When choosing a prepaid card, have a note about your needs and about how you will reload your card.

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