Prepaid gift cards today don’t need any sort of introduction in the United States. It is not much difficult to apply for the Prepaid Gift Cards. Nowadays, it is really better to have a card, rather than carrying the cash money in the pocket. PrepaidGiftBalance offers a much secure way to make payments.

If your money is stolen, then you cannot control the use of it. But if the card is stolen, no one can use it until they have your PrepaidGiftBalance PIN. In case, your Prepaid Gift Balance card is stolen or misplaced, you can immediately disable it by reporting it to the authorities.

PrepaidGiftBalance Card Benefits

  • Users can monitor the balance of there Visa Gift Card and MasterCard Gift Card at the official website
  • Once you create your account, you can check the balance of PrepaidGiftBalance at the regular intervals.
  • You can also check your transactions.
  • In case, PrepiadGiftBalance card is stolen or misplaced, you can immediately disable it.
  • PIN number system in the PrepaidGiftBalance Card enhances the security of the same.
  • Users can also get their monthly statements.
  • Addition 5% discount is offered to the users of the Prepaid Gift Balance Card on the official website

Please note that if you need to replace the card for reasons such as theft or card misplace, a fee of $5.95 is to be paid to the concerned bank. Peace!