Mastercard cards are identical to Visa cards. With PrepaidGiftBalance MasterCard you enjoy all the benefits.

There is no major difference between Visa Cards and MasterCard.

Although you can not use these cards virtually, they don’t function like credit or debit cards.

It is necessary to register yourself on to access the PrepaidGiftBalance MasterCard.

You need a PIN code that allows you to activate the card and make your purchase. Please note the spending limit that is printed on the PrepaidGiftBalance Cards.

The balance can also be verified on the official website at

  • The banks have ensured that the use of the PrepaidGiftBalance MasterCard is extremely secure and user-friendly.
  • The company possesses the right to establish a standardized exchange across national borders and within a (national) country.
  • PrepaidGiftBalance Mastercard uses a similar approach in other countries of the world too.
  • The purpose of the standard exchange is to ensure that company cards are regularly issued and accepted at a large number of outlets.
  • Almost all merchants that accept credit cards accept Prepaid Gift Balance Visa and MasterCard. This is true not only for the US but also for foreign countries, where the acceptance of American Express and Discover is not up to the mark.